Thursday, May 26, 2005

Where Have All the H!DGB Gone?: QAF Recaplet Ep 502 05-22-05

By StickyKeys Queer As Folk Episode 502 Aired 5-22-05

Brian reopens Babylon, but no one cares. It seems our H!DGB have taken to a new locale called Poppers down the street. Most of them will probably return when they find the name of the establishment is not literal, but until then they are partying it up with great music and $1 shots.

Ted decides (with the help of some old Queen at the hair salon to forgo death and instead prolong embarrassment by getting what is actually a pretty good dye job. Then again I know nothing about dye jobs, just that as long as it doesn't look like Jay Manuel's I'm cool.

Michael decides that two gay men are better than one lesbian when it comes to raising his daughter and decides to file for joint custody of Jenny Rebecca. This causes everyone to take sides and puts a growing divide between Mikey and Brian that I am just not comfortable with. It does give Michael one of his best and most ballsiest lines of the season, so we'll see where it goes.

Mel and Lins are still fighting and everyone sucks except for Gus in that story (JR is sucking tit so, you know).

Emmett plans a wedding of a local newsanchor and due to his fairy skills is offered a role as Torontosburgh's Channel 5 Queer Guy. Sigh. They always give Emmett the most ridiculous story lines, but it's Emmett so I'll take it. And the writers know this, so with this being the last year I'm sure we'll have lots more fun to expect from our Em.

Debbie Debs up the episode with her usual raving and ranting and looking terrible while doing it. Unfortunately we get no Horvath to even things out so it's just a loss.

Justin returns and cristens his return by showing Brian some LA,NZ moves. This scene prompts the very first QAF Harlequinn moment. It's hott y'all, but you'll see in the recap.

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