Monday, June 06, 2005

Babylon Rhythm is Got Me.. Everybody Dance!: QAF Recaplet 504 06-06-05

by StickyKeys Queer As Folk Episode 504 Aired 6-05-05

Dignity, Always Dignity…

That’s the lesson of the latest episode of QAF as we begin with an AIDS/HIV PSA by Scott Lowell followed by an orgy by JustBri and some other guys to the tune of Marilyn Manson’s Personal Jesus. As Clementine74 over at Moldy’s boards said, “Classy!”

Brian refuses to admit he's whipped, and brings home Talky and his friend Chatty for a little orgy, and to sing the praises of polygamy to an unconvinced Justin. Over on the other side of town, MiBen prepare their home for Jenny Rebecca.

Brian tries to win Mikey’s love back with a superhero centered night at Babylon. Michael doesn’t show, but Brian ends up driving what may be the final nail into Michael’s party planning coffin, by giving the best housewarming gift EVER.

Ted gets nipped, tucked, and sucked.

Emmett really have nothing to do but be a rock for everyone which is one of the things he does well so I’m not complaining.

Now that she, Michael, and Lindsay are splitting JR 3 ways, Mel is lonely, she’s so lonely, she has nobody to call her own.

Seeing that she’s losing Gus on the favoritism front, Lindsay decides to try and recruit Justin over to her side by submitting his work into an upcoming show. I guess Justin chose the nepotism path while on his journey to “make his own way in the world”. His work sucks by the way. Just thought I’d mention that.

Rosietta is the new Deb and the old Deb don’t like it! What the old Deb does like is all the retirement sexin’ she’s getting. It’s kind of gross, kind of cute. It’s grute. I’m trademarking that! Deb and Horvath are grute! Deb is getting bored though and proceeds to buy everything off of QVC in the process.

Rosietta manages not to completely annoy me and actually has a pretty nice story line. She also confirms all the rumors that she’s gay (duh) and has a nice crush on Deb. She also has a mad husband, but Deb has a bat, so I’m guessing we won’t see too much of him.

Hunter doesn’t have AIDS (he has HIV and there is a difference), but a nasty incident in the pool causes that information to be outed by his (ex?) girlfriend’s dad and his cunty wife. Heh, he called her a cunt. That’s so wrong. What else is wrong? The harrassment he gets at school because of it.

And finally, Common is beautiful. And so is knowing.

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