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It's Called Create-a-Bear: QAF Recap Ep 502 05-22-05 Page 1

by StickyKeys Queer As Folk Episode 502 Aired 5-22-05

And were back!

Previously on QAF:

Michael continues his tradition of embarrassingly awful surprise parties by throwing a secret revealing 10th anniversary soiree for Mel and Lins.
The women get outed again, but this time it’s the information that they are no longer together, and that Lindsey had an affair with a man that gets dragged out of the closet.
Brian makes a lot of money selling drugs, pimping hoes, or whatever it is that he does for a living and decides to use it to reopen Babylon.
Ted is old and fat.
Ben and Michael decided to gay it up suburban style! by buying an ugly house in a pretty neighborhood.
Horvath and Deb decide to stay at Deb’s place and want Emmett to stay too.

Credits: Spinny guy, writhing hands, Ben. I have to watch it every time, and every time I love it more and more.

After the credits, we cut to a shot of Rage butt. Yeah. We go into Justin’s LA,NZ office where they’re tearing down pics and storyboards. There’s this huge cutout of Rage in the background, as JT, I mean, Justin sulkily dreams of what could have been. He takes some of the drafts and puts them in his bag, gives the place one last look and turns away. This is sad y’all. While I’m not a huge Justin fan- and you know how I felt about that stupid movie- I know what it’s like to have a dream, have it be so close you can taste it, then have it taken away. Even if it’s a stupid dream, like making a movie as stupid as Rage. See? I’m not completely cold hearted, I feel for our little Sunshine.

Kinetic Presents: BABYLON!

Ted and Brian survey the area as Ted goes down a list of things that have been done to bring KP: BABYLON! up to code. Here we learn that Brian put the club in Kinetic's name and I’m not entirely sure that’s a good idea is it? I mean, I know it’s his business, and he can do what he wants with it, but supposedly he has “clients” and doesn’t he have to keep their interests in mind? I wonder how they’ll feel about being associated with a druggie/sex bar? It just seems like something they would have researched before all of this happened, and that really bugs me, but then I remember what show I’m watching. Let’s move on, shall we?

The club is a hot mess. I just thought I’d point that out. Brian praises Ted for all of his work and Ted tells Brian that when he told him to go get a toy, he didn’t mean this. You know, we heard this during the last ep and it wasn’t like the last ep was last week, it was less than an hour ago, so shut up Ted. We get it! Brian replies, “It says on the box: Appropriate for Boys Ages 19-30” and really, if that were the case Emmett would be the only one of y’all at this club. Isn’t Ted 102 now?

They begin this week’s interspliced “double-meaning” scene as we cut to Michael and Ben perusing their new gay suburban home. They discuss money and it seems that even without Rage (which I guess Justin nor Brett have yet to tell MICHAEL is OVER, not that he would need to know that or anything) they have enough between them to make ends meet. Now y’all, since when have an apparently out of work professor and a comic book storeowner had enough money to even think about buying a house? And how long have MiBen been together that they have this huge nest egg? Didn’t they have crazy lawyer fees after the whole Hunter custody thing? Didn’t Michael take over Deb’s mortgage payments? Didn’t he also take out a loan for the comic book store? How is his credit stable enough to – STOP IT StickyKeys! This is QAF, repeat it over and over to yourself… QAF… QAF… Whew, thanks!


Mikey wants assurance that all will be well, but instead Ben gives him sexy kisses. That’s all well and good Ben, sweetie, but it won’t pay the bills. At least not in the real world; kisses are an acceptable and desired form of currency in Stickyland, and if you cross the border to Keystown you can change out your kisses for gentle gropes. We work on a barter system here. Mikey accepts Ben’s form of “payment” and we head back to-

KP: BABYLON! where Brian and Ted are going over the changes needed to improve it. Brian suggests a fresh coat of paint and a condom dispenser, nice. Candice Olsen would be so proud...

Ben and Michael envision a girly room for JR…

Ted and Brian expound on the joys of making an old tired room fresh and inviting. I wish the writers would do this, except instead of “rooms”, it could be “this scene”...

Ben suggests wallpaper like MontEli have for their kid’s room. Do you guys know anyone named Monte or Eli? It’s just such a weird collection of names. And they have absolutely no nicknaming potential, and me and Sawyer are both very upset about that...

BriBri wants a cleaning crew to jackhammer the dried cum off the floor. Ted replies that half of it is probably Brian’s, and let me be the first to say GROSS!, thank you...

Michael remarks about all the space they’ll have and how they won’t be on top of each other; Ben says not unless they want to be. Remember when Mikey and Ben had their first kiss and it was all over the place and hott and sexy? Yeah? There’s no reason, just a nice memory.

Brian wants the club reopened by Friday, but they never tell what the current day is so I have no idea how long any of this has been going on. Like, how long has KP: BABYLON! been closed? One would assume just a couple of days, but the passage of time is so awkward here. Anyhoodle,

Michael talks about how long all of the changes and repairs are going to take, but Ben offers his reassuring kisses again. Why can’t I have guy friends like that? Whenever I would get frustrated, they’d be right there with the kisses. I really like kissing, I guess it’s mandatory for the horny virgin, to like kissing.

I guess the whole point to having these scenes together was to contrast the values and wants of the club gay to that of the suburban gay. Or maybe it was to showcase the growing divide between Brian and Michael. Or maybe it was just used to cut time. Who knows anymore?

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