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We Won! (Sorry B/Jers!): Qaf Recaplet 513 08-07-05

by StickyKeys Queer As Folk Episode 513 Aired 08-07-05

First off, my condolenscences to Petu, Paddies, Sassym, Elliot, and all the other B/Jers, but...



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Ahem, now that that's out of the way, on to the recaplet!

It is a night that will live in infamy. While some celebrate the run of what is arguably one of the most dramatic pleasures on television; others cry tears of disappointment at the departure of their beloved release.

There were a lot of ups and downs in this ep that was overtly simplistic and straight forward, yet satisfyingly lacking. There was just enough available to close the book, but leave our minds wandering. I didn't feel that any hard hitting questions were left unanswered, but I felt like we were given plenty to think about of the future.

Brian and Justin are still making plans for their wedding, but Justin is noticing Brian making a change that's completely out of character. When called on it, Brian admits that he's doing what Justin wants to make him happy. Contrary to everything he's ever said for the past five years, Justin says he doesn't want Brian to do what Justin wants. Justin calls off the wedding much to the surprise of the entire group (and the dismay of a now very disgruntled water buffalo vendor (thanks HG!)), and instead is pursuaded to follow his dream of art in New York.

That's right everyone, Justin and Brian are done for good. I'm actually very saddened by this. I know I'm a Brikey shipper, but I'm more of a friendship Brikey shipper which means that I love MiBen, and I tolerated Britin (I'm sorry, I'm just now realizing how much I can't stand Justin).

And how does this affect the others? you ask. Well, MeLinds no longer have to worry about messing up Justin's seating chart, or evidently flying Gus back alone for the wedding (was anyone else confused by that? That Gus was in the wedding, but MeLinds weren't going to be there?) due to their move to Canada.

Michael no longer has to wear his good suit twice in the same month. He is picked to speak on behalf of the evil straight acting gays, but instead chooses to speak out on differences. He acknowledges that in many ways they are the same, but it's their differences that make them so. Everyone applauds him and laughs at his terrible jokes and fumbles.

Ben (who is hott, and was hott in The Closer which has the most wicked awesome cast ever, but is still a terrible show), king of the OTP's is very sad over the breakup of Britin, but mostly because it means more lip service time for Brikey. Get used to it Ben, learn to accept the string babe, you'll love it soon enough. What he does love is Hunter, and Hunter loves him and Mikey right back. In a scene that broke my heart, brought a tear to my eye, and made me smile for miles, MiBen welcome Hunter into their family as a permanent addition. Hunter Novotny-Bruckner decides to become a novelist and pens his first words of his memoir: "Today Ben and Michael wanted to adopt me." Words of art right there, don't worry kids, he'll get better.

Debbie and Carl are still together. Yeah, not much going on there.

Also not much going on with Prop14. We never know it's outcome, but it's not going to pass... or is it?

Finally, Ted and Emmett are supposed to be together, but like, they're not. You see, we find out what we knew along which is that Tad? Crazy psycho. He goes off on Ted when he sees him talking to Sexual Chocolate behind the bar, and then kiss Emmett. Tad tries to act like nothing happened and then when Ted refuses to play along, gets a little violent.

Emmett and Ted decide to go on the ski weekend (which, though it was for Ted's birthday, he evidently paid the deposit for) after all and as the sparks fly on Teddy's birthday cake, a wish is suddenly granted in the arrival of... wait for it... here it comes... here it is... BLAKE! Yeah, surprised the crap out of me too. Emmett meets some swim team guy from back home and we all end happily ever after.

Five years is a long time kids, but I like that this show went out with a little class, a little ass, and a little style.

See ya later!


Blogger huntergrayson said...

I thought MelLindz were part of the ceremony?

Mel says something like "I wish you and Justin all the happiness, really." and I Brian responded with "I am glad you're staying for the ceremony, really."

They were there for the rehearsal dinner.

God, Hunter is going to grow up to be like that really annoying escort turned writer -- JT Leroy, I think?

Love you...though I find it awfully suspicious that after you refer me to ohnotheydidnt, they steal my wax Jessica Simpson scoop. Hmmm....

8/08/2005 1:17 AM  
Blogger Sticky Keys said...

You're awesome!

You see, I thought that Brian kept saying that MeLinds were going to mess up Justin's seating chart because they were leaving. The screener (huh? what's that? Illegal download? P-shaw!) was really bad, but I'll have to watch it again. Was Mel at the rehearsal?

So much stuff, I'll take some of the cornwine now!

ps. I love you too baby, and I know nothing of Jessi Simpson wax except that if it's ear it will fetch you $50 on eBay. What do you mean how do I know?

pps. James Hunter as JT Leroy? Awesome.

8/08/2005 1:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hahah, yeah no you didn't.

"Brian and Justin are together and will always be together." <--quote from CowLip during a Q&A (followed by some yadda yadda about how their bond goes beyond the physical. whatever.)

I'm both a Brian/Justin romance shipper and a Brian/Michael friendshipper though, so I must say I loved loved loved the ending.

8/08/2005 5:20 AM  
Blogger Sticky Keys said...

Yes I did girl!


You know, I read that Cowlip comment and I'm like, "Okay, so they broke up indefinitely, in no way tried to save their relationship, and didn't even exchange rings?" I guess memories last forever?

Such a weird thing, but so fun too!

Thanks for your comments!

8/08/2005 5:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well! If you're a Brikey friendshipper and you won I guess I did too, since I also am! LOL! (Same anonymouse!)

And I think the difference of opinion comes in on whether Brian and Justin actually, definitively broke up. I took it to be more of a "we'll see what happens" - Justin seems to think they'll manage to work it out and Brian doesn't say they won't, he says they might not... and there's just no real resolution. So I guess I'm mostly just confused about why people see any definitiveness in the ending at ALL, and I mean that they remained together OR that they split up. To me it's just really ambiguous, and they did say that they left it open so people could just make up their own endings.

But anyway, in the context of the ambiguity I'm seeing I think I took CowLip's comment as a statement that they, personally, figured Justin was right and they would work it out. Which doesn't make it canon, since it's just an off-the-record statement, and not reflected on the show. But given that I've been confused as hell over why some people kept saying Brian and Justin were OMG SO OVER, it was nice to realize that I wasn't wrong in that a definitive breakup wasn't what they were trying to get across, even if they chose not to get across what they were actually thinking, anyway.

I don't know! I've had a lot of long distance relationships, so the idea that they could be less than 400 miles away from each other and still be involved isn't a big stretch for me. Hell, I know someone who DROVE from PA to NY just to get to work and back every day (Yeah seriously. For years. Psychopath should have moved. Well, he did eventually.)

8/08/2005 6:29 AM  
Blogger huntergrayson said...

CC confirms that Melindz were going to be there for the ceremony...Brian avoids actual emotion by saying that it would fuck up the seating chart if they had left.

Both Mel and Lindz were at the rehearsal dinner (the water buffalo tangent?). Where I think that Justin should have offered some explanation rather than "no wedding." Everyone gathered there would've understood if he said that he had to go to NYC to pursue his art career while he had the chance.

re: Jessica wax -- after you commented to go to ohnotheydidnt on the LJ account, I wrote an article on my blogspot blog on how Jessica's wax figure looks exactly like the real thing. Next day? It's an ONTD item.

PPS -- If you don't get Logo by the time whenever it starts, i'd be happy to send you "Noah's Arc" eps. I might as well use the Tivo DV-R that I paid so much for.

8/08/2005 6:47 AM  
Blogger huntergrayson said...

Forgot to mention:

""Brian and Justin are together and will always be together."

Wow. This tops all of Mutant Enemy and Joss's justifications combined -- I'm giving you what you need, you just didn't like S6 because it's too dark, etc.

I loved Sisters as a kid and then CowLip went completely mad. Funny story, while flirting a few weeks ago, cute boy expressed interest in doing a gay series. Then he made the immediate disclaimer of how he didn't want it to be like QAF, he wanted it to be, you know, classy and good.

8/08/2005 6:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

AHAHA Yes, it so does. Still the same Anonymouse and why am I awake. Anyway yeah, CowLip = apeshit and I love QAF but I don't suffer from the delusion that it's good or anything. ;)

Honestly, I think CowLip wanted to be all artsy and ambiguous and people kept bitching about it so they got more and more terse about it until they finally spouted out their "B/J 4Ever" line. Whether they said it because they finally snapped and told the questioners what they really thought or they said it because they were sick of people asking... I don't know. And I'm not going to ask because (I don't know them) I like the ending, and the idea that my favorite pairing will be ultimately together just makes me like it more than I already did. So, best not to question it. Might end up harshing my own mellow.

8/08/2005 7:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whether B/J do end up together or not is debateable. The only FACT is that in the end they did NOT end up together.

Unless CowLip decides to do a Queer as Folk reunion show in a few years (which is unlikely) we'll never really know if they do get back together or not.

I don't take much stock in what CowLip says about them in interviews. They've been contradicting themselves when it comes to B/J. CowLip is like Joss Whedon in that way. There's a reason why alot of B/J'ers are pissed at them. And Justin keeping the rings don't mean much to me.

If that's significant then the writers not even keeping Justin around long enough to be in the final scenes with the rest of the original cast should be just as significant. I know that they sped up time for the final scene but did Justin really have to leave that quick?

I'm not saying that they won't ever see each other again. I'm sure they will. It's not like Justin moved to another planet. But I think the relationship as they knew it really is over.

8/08/2005 8:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL. I meant to sign my name at the END of my post.

8/08/2005 9:01 AM  
Blogger Sticky Keys said...

You are all too much and I love you to pieces!

HG (aka my secret love muffin!)
WATER BUFFALO! THank you, I completely thought they said llama. As for the JSimp thing, I knew what you were talking about, I even saw it on ONTD and then I saw it wasn't posted by you. I was like, Uhh Ohh!


I have so much to say about that situation. There's a lot of different things to think about and trust me, they will all be in the recap!

8/08/2005 10:15 AM  
Blogger Sticky Keys said...


I also wondered about Justin leaving that quickly, and the whole "NY and CANADA are SOOOOOO far AWAYYYYY!!!!.

So much crap going on. Bleh!

8/08/2005 10:16 AM  
Blogger Sticky Keys said...

Oh yeah!

And Brian reopens Babylon!

That wasn't an important point was it?

8/08/2005 1:25 PM  
Blogger huntergrayson said...

Unless it was all a hallucination.

You know, like Brian having an actual relationship.

Doesn't moving to NYC put Justin closer to Canada? Maybe Lindsay can start carrying on her secret love affair with him. Brian is looking worse for the wear.

"If that's significant then the writers not even keeping Justin around long enough to be in the final scenes with the rest of the original cast should be just as significant. I know that they sped up time for the final scene but did Justin really have to leave that quick?"

No, absolutely not. He didn't have an art opening, he may or may not have an apt. thru a friend of Daphne (who may or may not actually exist, given her amount of screentime...and that she's a non-evil hetero and those are ficticious in Torontosburgh), he was just kinda going. I mean, I know some are hating on Justin, but it was a slap in the face to him and Randy to not be in the final scene of the gangs all here.

8/08/2005 2:49 PM  
Blogger Sticky Keys said...

That really threw me off because it was kind of rude. THat he wasn't there at the end.

In regards to the show, I think it was meant to signal the bond of the original four (plus Ben?), in real life, I think Cowlip was mad at Randy's comments regarding his lack of involvement if the show were to continue.

8/08/2005 3:05 PM  
Anonymous xxuc_love said...

Lindsey is such a B/M shipper.


8/08/2005 5:43 PM  
Blogger Sticky Keys said...

Ha! Totally!

Cunty McCuntCritic is probably an old professor. Interesting that, I knew it all along!

8/08/2005 6:22 PM  
Anonymous Elliot. And damn, you can't see my icon said...

Rub it in why don't you sticky, but now I just want to kick Justin over and over in his tiny tiny man balls, hence my icon. ARG! It was soooo sad, and it made me cry, and Gussy was so cute wit bri especially when he said "when the bull-dyke minister says give me the rings" tell me that is't cute. Long live the thumpa thumpa and in the end...Brikey is always better than britin. Come on, it sounds sexy,

8/08/2005 7:47 PM  
Blogger Sticky Keys said...

Can you email me the icon? Cause I've got to see it!

Or post the link here.

Gus and Brian were extreme cuteness!

8/09/2005 12:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love your recaps! Hilarious!

Brian and Justin are so OVER, folks! Deal with it. It's pretty damn obvious. The following signs indicate that you have officially broken up: 1) No definite plans to ever see each other again. 2) He leaves his wedding band on the table. 3) You have no idea where he'll be staying or when he'll be leaving until he tells you a few hours before he boards his flight. 4) He sneaks away while you're fast asleep. 5) He doesn't return for the reopening of your nightclub.

Justin got cold feet, dumped Brian's ass, and headed to New York. ALONE. Why did Brian stay in Pitts? Because Justin didn't want him coming with him.

And the thumpa thumpa beats on...


8/09/2005 4:26 PM  
Anonymous Petu said...

I can't understand why someone wouldn't like justin! I think he's lovely xDDD

Brikey has won, but the Brikey friendship, no the love relationship. Mike is lovely with Ben, and Brian will be in love with Justin forever. That's what I want to think xDD

8/11/2005 4:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ridiculous bullshit! Mikey and Ben were together at the end. There's no signs of "brikey" *ukk* other than their lasting friendship. The B/J shippers have just as much validity in their beliefs(much moreso), because all 5 seasons have been about that relationship; the delusions of a tiny, insignificant handful of B/M shippers doesn't even factor in the equation.

8/12/2005 11:27 AM  
Anonymous xxuc_love said...

You're just jealous we get Brian's last kiss and Justin didn't =P

But seriously, who do you think is going to be right near Mikey's side when ben is gone? Who is going to be there for him whenever he needs him? Who is going to be there when they are to old queens in Palm Springs?

Ding ding ding. Brian. Therefore, we win.


8/13/2005 3:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not even sure that those B/J shippers who posted anonomously above will see my comment since it's written a few days after the fact but they got Cowlip's quote completely wrong. It was reported wrong on a B/J spoiler list and now passed around wrong. What Cowlip really said was more like "Brian and Justin will always have a bond even if they aren't together" which is COMPLETELY different than saying they will always be together.


8/14/2005 2:18 PM  
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8/19/2005 1:05 AM  
Blogger Sticky Keys said...

Please disregard the spamming whore. Thank you.

8/19/2005 1:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brikey definitely WON!!

As if Cowlip's anvil of Justin disappearing into thin air - never to be seen, heard from or mentioned ever again - wasn't enough of a clue for the clueless... Here's a quote from QaF writer/producer Shawn Postoff:

"So then why did they go their separate ways? Because for Brian, his Self Love and his Platonic Love were the keys to his fundamental happiness. Those are the Loves that trumped the Romantic. And because Justin knew this, he refused to lock Brian into a life in which he wouldn't be completely happy."

Britin is OVER, y'all! Brian loves himself and Mikey more than Justin. It's official. Justin is GONE. They WENT THEIR SEPARATE WAYS.

8/20/2005 1:29 AM  
Blogger Sticky Keys said...

I like the way you think!

8/20/2005 1:35 AM  
Anonymous Virginia Williams said...

Just thought I would post the comment made by Patrick Antosh on his website forum:

okee dokee, here we go. First off , at the rehearsal dinner, gale was in a velvet hugo boss suit, but randy was in a brand called"Garbage".
I do watch every episode(dozens of times actually)and I was pleased with the ending.
I was a little weirded out with Brian's romantic behavior in 11 and 12 and thought , oh gawd they better make this right!. well they did. What a compliment, to go against your nature and try to please your boyfriend and try to give him what ever it is you believe he wants. But it would have been wrong to leave us with that and in the end Brian was true to himself( not a romantic) and true to Justin ( a young exceprional artist who needs to pursue his dream. The ultimate gesture of love is to love someone so much that you want them to be happy even if that does not include you. The lesbians moving to Canada, though unrealistic , was a bold statement against the state of affairs in the U.S. I'm proud to live in a country that is so progressive. Any one who thought Brian and Michael would end up together are a little disillusioned. Both characters have integrity, to break Ben and Justin's hearts to be together would have beeen unconscionable (spelling?) Again to truly love someone, you wish their happiness above your own, and no one can argue that in the long run Michael would be much happier with Ben than Brian, the ultimate gift from a friend and potential lover. Emmett is still on the prowl, ego intact and Ted just might find love with Blake. The most wondrous point of it all is that the producers, instead of tieing up loose ends and making some viewers happy and some people not, decided to end it with out an ending. Like our own lives , there isn't a conclusion until we die. So no matter what your state today , bear in mind that bad times will come and after that also good. You are only gauaranteed a repetitive cycle of the two. So remember if things are good , don't let it go your head, and if things are bad, i promise sooner or later they'll be good(just don't get too comfortable, lol) Let's just hope we go out on a high note. I have had such a wonderful time on QAF and thank all of you sincerely for your emails and letters. They will always be with me no matter what happens in my future, Good luck with yours

And if by chance you are interested, you can check his website and you will find that his opinion is not just that of a costume designer, but those of the writers, who he discussed each episode with.

Just thought I would let you know.

8/20/2005 10:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes and Shawn has also no doubt talked to Cowlip just as Patrick has so both their opinions are probably based on that. Patrick himself admits that it was an open ending and the way he speaks of Brian and Michael...he doesn't say that they never thought of getting together but only that Brian cares more about Michael's happiness and doesn't think he would've been enough for him.

8/23/2005 4:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The ultimate gesture of love is to love someone so much that you want them to be happy even if that does not include you.

Only more confirmation of the B/J split: Justin's happiness DOES NOT INCLUDE Brian. But fear not, Brian will survive!

Why are those crazy B/J shippers now harassing the poor costume designer for reassurance that Justina+BrianR2getha4eva!!?? That's really sad and desperate...

8/23/2005 4:53 PM  
Blogger Sara Anne said...

Ok, ok...So I FINALLY got my QAF tape...and I have to say that what got me most were the nods to when Brian said, "You've become the best homosexual you can be..." and I totally lost it when Brian said, "I don't want you to go, Wendy." Linds: "I have to, Peter." Only complaint about the last Ben with his shirt off ;o)...

9/13/2005 7:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i am going to miss queer as folk
i never got to watch all of the episodes.

11/07/2005 2:20 PM  
Blogger sass said...

First off, my condolenscences to Petu, Paddies, Sassym, Elliot, and all the other B/Jers, but...
I just got here... and you ARE SO mean :lol:lol:lol
take care

11/18/2005 1:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

xD I won't deny that I'm a Justin x Brian shipper, but I thought the last episode was the perfect way to end the series. Brian x Justin forever ... <3

1/11/2006 7:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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3/04/2007 5:28 AM  
Blogger sapphoslips said...

i totally love how after almost falling into the 'petty, bourgeoise,mediocre, conformist, assimilationist life' of marriage/ monogamy etc b/j rescue themselves and each other and stay true to their differences. that they choose to love and LIVE without needing marriage or rings, or even a definitively decided happily together ever after. there's something really cool about that! better than judging if they 'made it' or not by yardsticks of marriage and other such bullshit.

3/07/2008 11:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Haha Brikey, that sounds bad. Not that Britin sounds good.

Ladies and gents, Mikey had what, 15 years to make Brian his in a romantic, hot man on man way. But that didn't happen because first he understandably had no balls to force things (I personally think he had the chance since Brian loved (and still loves) him much and probably would have given in if only Mikey would convince him that if he didn't he would lose Mikey for good). Brian didn't fuck him because he's smart enough to know that if he did, Mikey would no longer accept being 'only' his best friend. Who would want to fuck their best friend anyway? Oh sorry, Mikey did. Anyway Brian didn't, and good for him.

Justin on the other hand, had all the balls and pridelessly and shamelessly hunted Brian down. I couldn't help but appreciating him for that.

Justin didn't take the ring because he had enough of that so called bullshit with Ian. I meant Ethan. Justin told Brian that the rings don't mean anything, that what's important is that they love each other and they know it, and I think it's true. He said he would come back, and that he and Brian would see each other often. Brian said Justin doesn't know that, and Brian is correct. Who would know about the future? Brian has always had this fear wait let me reword that as 'acceptance', that Justin would one way or the other leave him and never return. The writers always tried telling us that Brian actually has this issue, psychological thing that has probably made him feel like he's unworthy of romantic love, which probably came out as 'I don't believe in love, I believe in fucking'. Thank God he's behind that sad quote. Still, his words of 'it doesn't matter, it's only time' are both natural for him and actually should be expected. I see Justin wasn't surprised at all with those words. Justin also knew that when he went to Hollywood, Brian thought he would never return. But Justin has been the one in control (to be precise the one with the initiative) in their relationship, and because of that I see that he's not troubled by Brian's words. Justin knew he would come back, and that he would win Brian again in the future. He always has. Not that Brian is capable of falling for another person. I'm not saying that Brian and Justin will stay together forever and ever. Heck, there's a chance Justin meets someone new in New York, he's never the one with an issue to romantically love another person. I'm just saying that the end simply doesn't show that they decided to say quit with each other.

So I don't get it when B/M shippers take the ending as their victory. There's no such thing. Mikey has long moved on from Brian, and has finally become a true friend, a true best friend without the romantic and pining bullshit. Justin is not Mikey's rival, Mikey now loves Ben that way and not Brian. And don't you think Ben and Mikey are so cute together? Many Justin-Brian lovers resented Mikey when he told Brian that Justin didn't leave Brian because he got infected by him, but because of Brian himself, and that 'who wouldn't?!'. I didn't blame Mikey for that because I would have said the same if I were Mikey. Brian had gone too far in blaming Mikey for his loss of Justin, which was of course his own fault. But in the end Mikey forgave Brian, just like a good friend would.

Anyway I think if Justin doesn't return in a year or two Brian will die of a broken heart or something. Can't you see how much he really loves Justin? Justin's his Sunshine. He's the only one he's capable of loving THAT way. The only one who was able to MAKE him love that way. That crazed, head over heels way. I'm so glad Ben didn't take Mikey to Asia or something, because Brian would be so miserable without Mikey, especially now that he no longer has Lindsey by his side.

When I began to watch this series I was amused to see which direction the writers would to take the love story of this North American version, whether it's Brian-Mikey or Brian-Justin. I enjoy such ambiguity. But to my slight disappointment, I think it was pretty apparent that they rather quickly made certain that it's Brian-Justin. I thought it's because they wanted to make it really different from UK version, but now I think perhaps it's more because of technical issue, because they thought there's no way Gale Harold and Hal Sparks (I love both actors, btw.) would look as hot as Gale/Randy in romantic and especially sex scenes. I personally agree to that, as Gale and Randy totally burn my TV set. Hal would look hotter with a girl like myself:P



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