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ZenBen is at it Again: QAF Recaplet 511 07-24-05

by StickyKeys Queer As Folk Episode 511 Aired 07-24-05

Ben is the star of this ep as he takes control and then proceeds to lose it in the most awesome scene ever. Turns out someone planted a bomb at Babylon much to the surprise of absolutely no one. Teddy suffers from guilt anxiety and pours himself into taking care of Brian’s business. Emmett is shell shocked and reduces himself to a mess of classic movies and vanilla pudding with maple syrup that only Norma Desmond could rival. He is finally brought back from the edge by some encouragement from the always awesome Carl Horvath, and the still there Drew Boyd.

Michael’s in the hospital and it seems he’s lost his spleen. Yeah. 200 pts to whoever can tell me what a spleen does without looking it up, and 500 pts to whoever can explain it to me after looking it up. Apparently he lost a lot of blood internally, and I would care more about this, but… spleen.

Anyhow, Hunter came back once he heard about Michael. Apparently he wasn’t in Santa Fe, but he was working for Disney as a dwarf! No, really! Hey, where are you going? I promise it’s true, and he got enough money to buy a last minute plane ticket to Torontosburgh and- fine! Don’t believe me! Anyhow in continuing her bonding moments over pasta dishes scene, Deb convinces Hunter that it’s okay for him to want to stay. He asks and his wish is granted, Ben hesitates a little, but I think he’s wondering how they’re going to get another bed so fast.

Mel and Linds are reunited and it feels so good. Until they find out that Dusty was a casualty in the bombing. It turns out that Dusty was the biological mother of their kids and maybe her partner won’t be able to keep them, especially if Prop 14 passes. This sends Mel into a state and judging by the previews for next week, her and Lindsay might be making a move.

Brian has come to a crossroads in this ep as he realizes that he has one new priority, and that’s to get Justin. But he fails! At first. Ah, I had you going there for a bit didn’t I? Well we all know that Brian does not fail and he will do anything to accomplish a goal, including get married, sell his loft, sell Babylon, and get a mansion out in the country complete with pool and stables. Yeah, shocked the crap out of me too, and Justin. Justin finally accepts though not as excitedly as Brian or I would like, and it looks like those two are tying the knot!

Any takers? I give it 6 months.

Brian and Mikey still aren’t back together, but they don’t hate each other so things are looking up, but I want a big time reunion between those two for all the crap we’ve dealt with this season.

Oh! So on to the awesome scene. There’s a candlelight vigil for all of those who were wounded or killed in the explosion and suddenly this hater yells that Michael should die and go to hell! Like, see you there buddy! God knows I can’t stand crap like that, and I know God can’t either. This sets off something in Ben and talk about consequences and repercussions! Ben busted him till the white meat showed! HA! And I was with him all the way yelling, “Get him! Hit him again! Kick him in the NUTS!” it was good times. They finally pull Ben off (but only after Emmett gets his little hit in, heh) and Brian drives him away where they bond over cum towels and catchy nicknames.

So, all in all a good ep. There were some heavy handed parts and of course some where the class was lacking, but fun and heart tugging and exciting all over!

Can’t wait till next week!

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Anonymous Petulante_Tuk said...

[quote]Ben hesitates a little, but I think he’s wondering how they’re going to get another bed so fast.[/quote]

xDDDDDDDDD so funny, you are the best xDDDD

I liked the episode a lot, mainly because the way that Brian is behaving (does that word exist? :S sorry if it doesn't) is all I had dreamed :) I love the way he said "for my prince", so romantic, it doesn't sound stupid, but perfect :)

waiting for the recap!

7/26/2005 4:53 AM  
Anonymous Snacktastic said...

I think Zen Ben looked freaked out when he found out that Brian gave him that nickname. Was it confirmation of mocking? Was it being thrilled that he was important enough that Brian would see him as mellow? Was it his surprise he is remembered for being calm rather than addicted to Steroids? Will we ever know?

Maybe they are all hopped up on goofballs. They all looked mildly freaked during this episode.

7/26/2005 12:33 PM  
Blogger Sticky Keys said...

Behaving is in fact a word! Good for you! Heh, Bejaviando en Espanol? No?


SNACKTASTIC! I was waiting for you, I completely knew that Brian was making fun of Ben and it cracked me up. I too wondered if they remembered about Steroid Ben. Oh Ben.

7/26/2005 12:40 PM  
Anonymous Petulante_Tuk said...

Behave = Comportarse
Behaving = Comportandose
Behaviour = Comportamiento

Petu's Spanish lessons xDDDD

7/26/2005 1:27 PM  
Blogger Sticky Keys said...

Always a pleasure!


7/26/2005 1:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been crazy busy so haven't had as much time to comment (though I've still been reading when I've had the chance). Love your recaplet. Truthfully, I'm completely put off by the last scene. From what I've heard even Gale and Randy had trouble and when I watch it I can see them trying hard to keep the laughing down (esp. every time Gale pulls in his lips...which seemed overly red in this scene). I can listen to sappy dialogue when Ben gives it because he always has but not from Brian. JMO.


7/26/2005 2:24 PM  
Blogger ass on the mantle said...

A large, highly vascular lymphoid organ, lying in the human body to the left of the stomach below the diaphragm, serving to store blood, disintegrate old blood cells, filter foreign substances from the blood, and produce lymphocytes.

In other words, it just has to do with blood.

Ben busted him till the white meat showed!

Oh, God. I don't even know you but you're so fantastic it hurts. In the good way. Not the losing a spleen, way.

7/26/2005 5:40 PM  
Blogger Sticky Keys said...

500pts to Ass on the Mantle!!

Thanks for reading and commenting, it means a lot! Hopefully you'll enjoy the full recap!

7/27/2005 12:03 AM  
Anonymous Zen Elliot said...

Ahhh...Zen ben, get it indeed. he deserved every thing that he got, that guy , I mean really. I woulda punched on him myself. You know. Ben has the ill left hook, And I'm glad that Brian and Ben had some male bonding time together. You know who is pissing me off? Sunshine! He is pissing me off! So badly. You know, he wasn't that excited whatso ever when Brian propose,d he was like "Okay...let's do it" Like he was playing poke'mon or listening to Moby again. It's annoying. It's coy and I just want to kick him for looking so cute in the ending scene in that mansion A.K.A the country ranch that the dukes of hazzard forgot to run into. His hair was so fluffy and that shirt, the stripped one, was fabulous! Curse him. Emmett is still pimp. Ted is still lonely, Michael is still abusidly cute and swolen and yay for Hunter and dorfs. AKA Little people, (cause smaller is better) lol. lleeemme go back to my captin crunch now and for some odd reason I wanted to leave a note on the box that said "Keep your fuckin' hands off" like hunter did. sigh. Waiting for that recap missy. Oh and sorry I haven't been around laetly. I had my fucking teeth pulled so ...well...those drugs are knocking me out. Plus as Brian would say, it hurts like a motherfucker

7/28/2005 1:26 PM  
Blogger Sticky Keys said...

Poor ZenElliot, don't get hooked on the meds and get all roid ragey on us!

I thought the shirt was fabulous too!

And don't get me started on Justin's reaction!

7/28/2005 4:33 PM  

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