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Life of Brian: QAF Recap 507 06-26-05 Page 1

A Lesson In Standards
by StickyKeys Queer As Folk Episode 507 Aired 06-26-05

Previously on QAF:
Toni McFugly fuglies up Babylon and is so fug that I guess he circles around to hott for every gay man in Torontosburg.
Rage finally made an honest man out of JT by agreeing to marry him much to the displeasure of the actual Rage.
Emmett tries to sex up TV by showing us his ugly underwear and almost gets fired in the process.
Ted decides that Aunt Pity Fuck doesn’t really suit him the way he’d like and decides to do some massive boning to remedy the situation.
Hunter leaves and dangit, it’s the one time I don’t want him to.
Brian gets all poetic on our collective butts and tries on some beautiful blouses. It’s visual and verbal entertainment. Much like this show.

Credits I’m trying to find something else to focus on in the credits. There are some possible choices, anything with Emmett dancing is nice, but it’s no GET IT BEN! Maybe next time.

My best “on location” friends Juanita and Jerrod were in town and I made them sit and watch with me, so this recap will be formatted a little differently than usual.
Talk about a crazy night to go with a crazy episode.

Brian’s Babylon Besieged by Brandon
We open with our usual music shots and people dancing. Brian is surveying Babylon while the dance club version of “Do You Really Wanna?” (which was already a dance version of itself) plays through the room. Walking through the club Brian hears lots of comments that could be about him,
“He’s amazing.”
“Unbelievable” Brian smiles and looks a bit incredulous, like “Oh, they’re talking about me? That’s so sweet!” but then,
“When did he move to town?”
“A couple weeks ago.” Brian stops cold and looks in the direction of the men talking. It turns out their talking about the new Fug on the block,
“I think his name is Brandon.” Brian gives this great WTF! look as we see Brandon looking all creepy by the bar drinking. Creepy and greasy.
“I hear he has the most beautiful cock.” Brandon tries to look smug but looks like he has Bell’s Palsy on his face.
Juanita: Wait girl! You’re going to have to fill me in on this. Who the fuck is Brandon and how he go’n be all in Brian’s shit like that!?
SK: Well evidently he’s supposed to be the new hott guy. He’s pretty fug to me. Last week I called him Toni McFugly.
Jerrod: I cracked up at the shit. How insane is it that they named him Brandon?
SK: I know, right? I’m surprised they didn’t name him Brian with a ‘y’ or some crap like that!
Juanita: How old is this song?
SK: How old are some of those patrons?
Jerrod: And how fat? Not even like, cute Bear fat, just gross fat.
SK: Whoever was casting for extras seriously needs to get fired, or at least reprimanded. On the plus side, closed captioning is WORKING IT tonight!
Jerrod: My uncle was highly pissed at you. (Of course I found out that Jerrod’s uncle is a closed captioner. Seriously, what are the frickin’ odds? How do you get a job like that anyway?) He said if he was in your market he would mess up all the words just to fuck with you.
SK: Well tell your Uncle I (I) said…. Sorry. Ahem. (I know, I know, how hard core, right? Well I need the captions people! Jerrod laughs at me and assures me he’ll pass on the message.)

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